Construction pits

To ensure a high quality and safe structure a good foundation is key. Foundations are construction elements that transfer the load originating from the upper structure to the subsoil. Usually when constructing deep or shallow foundations a construction pit is required. The type of the construction pit is determined by the local geological and geotechnical conditions.

In compliance with current codes it is necessary to meet the requirements to ensure a mechanical resistance and stability of the buildings throughout their lifetime, where the object is to limit the threat to people, animals and property in facilities and in their immediate surroundings.

Structures need to be designed, built and maintained in a way so the loads imposed upon them during the construction and working life will not cause a failure of the structure or its constituents (Ultimate Limit State). To ensure the serviceability of the structure and limit the structure damage during its working life the deformations need to be limited (Serviceability Limit State).

Structures need to be designed, built and maintained in a way so during a fire they maintain their resistance for a time period, which is defined in the standards related to fire safety, for each group of structures.

The requirements regarding the mechanical resistance and stability of objects can be fullfilled with the design and construction in accordance to the principles and rules of eurocodes or by taking into account the principles and the appropriate application of the eurocode rules in the design and construction of facilities (eg. very unusual geometry of the building) and in the use of building materials (such as glass), which the eurocodes do not address directly. In our company we are considering all these regulations and thus guarantee a safe and high-quality implementation of the construction pits.