Landfill sites

With the increased consumption of goods and natural resources, the amount of waste is increasing. Improperly disposed waste can pose a threat to the health of people and adversely affect the environment, especially water and air. Waste landfills therefore cannot be arranged anywhere. Planning a new landfill is one of the heavier spatial-planning tasks. The  solutions must follow high standards for the management of environmental impacts. The location of the landfill needs to be carefully chosen and have good transport connections however it needs to be withdrawn from settlements. With waste disposal a longer-term slow decomposition of waste is ensured. The way of the deposit depends mainly on the nature and characteristics of the waste. Construction waste is a mixture of materials arising from the demolition of concrete or masonry structures, the removal of asphalt and other construction or processing wast materials. We also class construction waste materials from rocks or minerals within this category.

Construction, renovation and demolition of the building facilities generate large amounts of waste materials, so it is necessary to pay attention to the collection and processing of construction materials. Society is also developing in search of technological processes for recycling of waste building materials, which, as far as possible, provide the possibility of reusing materials. In this way it is possible to significantly reduce the direct negative impacts on the environment and satisfy the demand for basic building materials.

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